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The H.O.U.S.E Mentorship Program is here to guide you on a transformative journey towards success.

What is H.O.U.S.E?

In partnership with our very own Student Success Center, the Odette Commerce Society is proud to offer 1st year Odette Students with a dynamic and unique mentorship program. Otherwise known as Helping Odette Undergraduate Students Excel, this program aims to help 1st year business students transition from secondary to post secondary education with the help of higher year students. 

In addition, each house team competes in various competitions and activities to accumulate points throughout the year to gain the title of HOUSE of the Year.


How do I join a H.O.U.S.E ?

As of accepting your admission offer from Odette, you are automatically enrolled as a Mentee. You will be sorted into one of four H.O.U.S.E's, notably Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Investors, or Shareholders, and are matched with a Mentor. This individual is another student at Odette in their second year of studies or above. Mentors can help make your transition to Odette as smooth as possible. 


What can I expect from my mentor?

Mentors fulfill several integral roles throughout your entire first year of university. They take on a leadership role by serving you as a guide, teaching you how to navigate your courses and navigating around campus. They are also your #1 cheerleader as they will encourage you to become involved in various clubs and societies that may interest you. In addition, they will provide you with further networking opportunities to grow your connections in our community. Finally, this is usually the first friend that you can make in university! Mentors will be there to listen to your experiences and can share how they've dealt with similar obstacles. 

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