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About Us

The Odette Commerce Society acts as a link between faculty, staff, and students at the Odette School of Business. Representing over 1600 undergraduate students and 12 subsidiary clubs, OCS aims to provide opportunities and value.

Our identity is built on the values of integrity, trustworthiness, and fellowship within our team and the students we serve since being established in 1953. We stand for candid, compassionate, and straightforward communication. 

Every undergraduate student at the Odette School of Business is a General Member of the Odette Commerce Society. This means having voting rights in elections, access to funding requests, and the ability to sit in on Full Council Meetings. 

Full council members are hired through applications in the Winter/Summer semesters post-elections, and assist with various OCS initiatives and events.

Our Goals

Foster a community of collaboration and support

Provide opportunities for personal and professional growth

Offer resources to help students succeed


In partnership with our very own Student Success Center, the Odette Commerce Society is proud to offer 1st year Odette Students with a dynamic and unique mentorship program. Otherwise known as Helping Odette Undergraduate Students Excel, this program aims to help 1st year business students transition from secondary to post secondary education with the help of upper year students. 

In addition, each house team competes in various competitions and activities to accumulate points throughout the year to gain the title of HOUSE of the Year.


For more information about the HOUSE program, please follow the link below.


Please follow the link below to view our constitution. This document acts as a guide and rulebook for all OCS members. 


OCS is a Gold Accredited Member of the Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS) and has been a part of the organization since 2016. Our involvement with CABS allows our team to network with other Business Student Association Executives across Canada, as well as provide further opportunities to our students.

University of Windsor Student's Alliance

As a Society at the University of Windsor, we are a ratified club under the UWSA, the governing body of all students and clubs. UWSA provides various services and offerings to students and student groups on campus. 

Interested in other clubs at Odette? 

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