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Who We Are

The Odette Commerce Society (OCS) acts as a link between the Odette School of Business student body, faculty, and community partners. Representing over 1600 undergraduate students and being an umbrella organization for subsidiary Odette clubs, OCS aims to provide opportunity and value to all Odette students.

Our Mission

The Odette Commerce Society's mission is to encourage the perpetual success of students and communities, through student leaders who support empowering students, and community service projects.

Our Values

The Odette Commerce Society identity is built on the values of integrity, trustworthiness, and fellowship within our team and the students we serve. We stand for candid, compassionate, straight-forward communication and will seek and support events that create situations in which all of Odette students can experience the pleasure of change and personal growth.

Student Membership

Every undergraduate student at the Odette School of Business is a General Member of the Odette Commerce Society. Being a general member includes having voting rights in elections, access to funding requests, and the ability to sit in on Full Council Meetings. Our Full Council members are hired through applications in the Winter/Summer semesters post-elections, the Fall Semester, and the Winter semester of the next year. 

Our History

The Odette Commerce Society was established in 1953 when the Odette School of Business was created. OCS has since been an umbrella organization for ratified Odette clubs, and continues to provide events that enhance the personal and professional growth and development of our students.

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